Sons of the Earth

Timeless archetypal ancestors and figures that inhabit our unconscious.

Alfredo Maffei presents in this project a series of criações where it resumes the force and ancient wisdom of Guerreiros, Xamãs, Curandeiros, Sábios e Visionários. Em uma nova Inner Day, by means of the intuition elect for the Material world to Ancestral energy of great spiritual entities. Art na parede does not represent just a work, but, or the result of a deep connection with Egrégoras of Ancestral Power that guides, protects, inspires and strengthens the Environment and People.

"Once I ask a mestre: Where is minha tribo? How will you find it? Ele me tell you: você é a tribo, filho, a tribo is within you, where you will take a tribo together"



Thus archetypal figures are always present in our unconscious, guiding our steps and guiding our understanding about life in its various phases.


These figures and entities represent various aspects of the life and history of an individual in their personal journey, being presented in different ways, in different cultures, and civilizations, always keeping their essay and role the same.


O Projeto Filhos da Terra presents a series of works that portray these entities and archetypal figures of us unconscious, seeking to inspire and protect the force and ancestral wisdom that inhabits us, connecting us one more time, in an inner journey with Guerreiros, curandeiros, Magos, Sábios e Visionários, who help us guide us in our lives




© 2020 - Leonard Akira and Alfredo Maffei